The graphic design expresses the company message. You have to look at visual composition as the framework that your business is centred around. It should present your message correctly. For example, the ecological web hosting company might make their image reminding people that they are environmentally friendly. It lets customers know that the company is different from other web hosting providers and is responsible for the environment.

How Does It Affects Your Business Positively? 

  • Raises awareness

  • Makes you unique compared to the competition

  • Informs for your business DNA

  • Motivates and manages your team

  • Creates positive testimonials

  • Clarifies and focuses

  • Increases a business value

  • Puts the finishing touches to the business represented

Review Your Brand Identity

  • Website

  • Marketing Materials

  • Team Uniforms

  • Store Environment & Atmosphere

  • Digital Signage

  • Menus and Menu Boards

  • Social Media Presence

  • Videos



Consistency is Key

It is important to use the same logo and fonts in all products and marketing materials. Constancy is what settles a brand in the mind of consumers – provides recognition and trust in a brand. Consequently, customers will associate positive feelings with that brand.


Businesses use it on products, websites, in print materials, and more. Also, it is essential for every business. The logo is generally is associated with a company by the users.
What goes into a great logo? Most companies have a primary and secondary logo. They place the first on websites and products. To have a secondary logo is not necessary, but it can replace the original logo on social media. It is also a part of the primary logo, or a symbol inspired by it.


Invariably to use the same fonts for print and online materials is essential for good visual branding. Most companies aim a primary font for headers and titles, and a secondary font for paragraph text. They can be of the same font family. You can have a third one for phrases that need emphasis.


It is an important aspect of visual branding. Colours are easy for customers to associate it with a brand. Moreover, different colours convey different feelings. Without a doubt, emotions can be handy for creating desired reactions to products. Generally, a company will have 1-3 primary shades and 2-3 secondary. It is also normal to have one main colour.


Images are another powerful tool. These can be pictures and graphics to add an online presence. Imageries can show buyers what the company is about. Additionally, it can convey the lifestyle that comes along with using a product. It is also useful to target the right market for a product and to show users the right one that fits their lifestyle and interests. By knowing your market, you can choose pictures that are going to reflect your viewers.