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Smiley Home is a company offering complex and profiled professional services in the field of management and maintenance of buildings. Such aids are residential, public, administrative, vacation type, etc., in the regime of condominium ownership or under co-ownership.
“…Professional building manager Smiley Home offers innovative solutions and management and service technologies to its customers without abandoning traditional methods to be able to meet the needs of their customers, making the company suitable for working with clients of any age range. Professional building manager Smiley Home guarantees an individual approach and offers solutions for the specific needs of the buildings it services. To advertise our quality services and to gain new customers our very good website has helped a lot. We appreciate the completed tasks given by us to the developers and the management of NICT. Thanks to them we have many new customers in 3 languages in which the website is made. It is very useful and user-friendly. Great job – professional and quickly-responsive !…”



The creation of the complex is inspired by ones who appreciate nature’s beauty.
The quiet and peaceful place with exceptional view and the clean air makes your holiday unforgettable.

“… Our sport complex sales have risen much after the making of the website from the company NICT. We are very thankful to the team for the prompt response and the best design. …”



All-natural and pure cosmetics prepared a special manual technology which preserves the most valuable qualities of the ingredients.
“…Our products help skin and hair to produce the necessary substances to renew and reinforce its protective properties. They are presented and advertised very well at our website thanks to the professional work of the developers from NICT …”.



Izitex Ltd. was established in 2000 and operates in the following areas:
– tuning of facial fabrics, linings, batting
– Production of batting, silicone fluff silopren, ground foam, memory down
– Trade with fabrics and sewing materials
– Production of home textiles – pillows, blankets, bedspreads, mattress – protectors, mattress covers and others.
The policy of IZITEX is the continuous improvement of the production process, constant quality control and personal attention to each client.
“…In marketing of our specific products NICT have helped us very much by the stylish and customer-oriented website. Many thanks to the team of NICT …”


The lawyers work for many years together successfully based on mutual respect, assistance, and experience. The activity of Marinov and Partners Law Firm is primarily focused on the provision of qualified and authoritative legal assistance and services to the customer from different countries. They offer a diverse range of consultation services based on the great and beneficial experience of the partners in a company in the areas of state administration, economics, business life, the law of the European Union, etc. during the years. In pursuit of their professional goals, they rely on the high levels of professionalism, business ethics, morality, and loyalty.

“… Since the creation of our website as the law company, we have achieved the higher level of contacts, and we enlarged our customers’ target area a lot. Also it was enriched by different groups and kinds of people. It resulted to bigger income and more interesting work activities which is very good from our point of view. So that we strongly recommend the professional work of the NICT team…”


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