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When I talk to our clients, I see a common problem. The major reason why so much small business companies can’t get to the top of their success is the underestimated brand identity. Above all, it is an essential part of developing a company profile. These are the characteristics that make one brand what it is. Before presenting a product to the audience, it must be clear where this product comes from and what is its background. This will help every company to project an excellent image to the public. When contemplating the brand identity, there are three simple questions you need to consider first:

  1. WHAT?
  2. HOW?
  3. WHY?

Probably, you already know what you do – products or services you sell. I am sure that you also know how to produce them in a way that sets you apart from your competition. When observing your client base, you need to take a closer look at what other companies can’t offer their users and accentuate on it. The most important of the three is WHY you do this. The answer must not include personal profits. You must be doing something for a result, which is the main reason your company exists.

Now, after answering these questions, you are a step closer to brand recognition. In other words, people can differentiate your company from others. However, next, you have to clarify your visions. Being a passionate and articulating leader is the foundation of outlining your company future. This includes having a bold vision filled with innovative and bright ideas.

Finally, you can emphasize on communication with your clients and web appearance. It is of great importance that your brand identity is acclaimed especially when you dive into a competitive marketplace.



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