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Much more than 5,000, marketers all over the world attended the Google Marketing Live 2019. The main target of the company is to improve the search experience of users.

  • Discover advertisements
  • Gallery advertisements
  • Showcase Shopping advertisements
  • Local campaigns
  • Smart Shopping campaigns

Around 800 million people use Discovery advertisements monthly. They run across all kinds of platforms. These are Google Discover feed, YouTube home feed and promotional tabs in Gmail. As a result, the search engine allows people to explore new companies. Brad Bender is display and video advertising business manager. He states that through the new ad formats, Google is communicating very well with people. Users can customize feeds by setting up their account. After that, they will see only the information that interests them. Consequently, this type of promotion develops in-market. Moreover, it increases the attraction of users towards this specific app, website or search engine.

Gallery ads are Google’s new products. These adverts introduce us to a visual carousel composition. In contrast to the other formats, the displays are only in the top-ranked websites. Also, they are available only on mobile versions. Advertisers can use Gallery ads to tell a story of a brand or introduce an innovative product to the audience.

Similarly, Showcase Shopping ads, direct customers where it is easier to find a particular brand or where to buy a specific product. Importantly, this type of campaign reaches your customers when they search with more general term.

Local campaigns promote your store across Google Search Network, Maps, YouTube and Google Display Network. For this campaign, you need to give Google full details concerning your property location. As a result, more potential clients will know about it and shop offline.

Smart Shopping campaigns shorten the time the advertiser needs to complete the marketing plan. At a lower cost, Google’s ads will give back a maximum performance and simplicity. Furthermore, it will showcase all your product within one promotion.

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