Contemporary a lot of people have concerns about the future of AI. Today’s kids play with smartphones from a young age. This is an indicator of a rapidly changing technology world. However, there is no doubt that AI technologies are beneficial in many industries. For instance, many sectors and industries are using machines to help their activity. Simultaneously, they ease our daily lives.

AI, stands for Artificial Intelligence and several types are being defined, as:

  • Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

  • General Intelligence (AGI)

  • Super Intelligence (ASI)

AI reduces room for errors. As a result, it helps businesses and corporations to improve their production.  The machines use a complex set of algorithms which calculates precisely the solutions. This helps in preventing serious incidents.


Moreover, it takes the right decisions in a short period. In spite of the enormous costs of implementing an AI machine, it is an excellent future investment. Also, it frees time for us to use our creativity and ingenuity.

Robotics can turn in advantages for a lot of web designers and developers. For example, companies use AI in web development as a fast working tool. It increases customers experience when interacting with the website. A lot of companies implement chatbots and voice search. Those mentioned above enable your products to be easily purchased. Another trajectory of facilitation is sound recognition. Everyone knows about the apps that use this type of technology. It is a lot easier to find a song when you hear it somewhere.

On the other hand, ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) identifies the latest web design trends. Ordinary people can profit from this function, especially when making business websites. It can build a website without a group of developers and designers. Hence, this remains an influential setback for professionals. However, a machine can never replace a human being. For example, when deciding which colour to use on a front page. A machine will always choose a combination already programmed in its code.

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